The calling of a man has been from the beginning in time memorial. Our existence on this earth has been when God created heaven and the earth. Not only that, he created other things but the creation of Man was so unique after our maker image and of His likeness. It shows how special we are to God and it also indicates that we are semi- god on earth. The. Bible says it in psalm82:6 that; I have said , ye are gods and of you are children of the most High. We are His full representative of Him on earth. We have been called to be fruitful, multiply, have dominion and replenish the earth in Genesis 1:28. Our duty on this earth is to live according what He has created us to become. Fulfilling God’s purposes on this earth, as a man and woman alike. We are all equal before God to display His majestic character and to show forth His glory on earth.

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